Can Cats Cry?


Cats can cry tears if they are in pain. This is usually due to a medical condition, such as an eye infection or a scratch on the cornea.


Cats can also cry tears if they have allergies. This is usually due to pollen, dust mites, or food allergies.

Emotional distress

Cats can also cry tears if they are feeling emotionally distressed. This is usually due to being separated from their owners, being in a new environment, or being abused.


Some medications can cause cats to cry tears. This is usually a side effect of the medication and is not harmful to the cat.


It is also normal for cats to cry tears occasionally, even if they are not in pain or distress. This is just a way for their eyes to stay moist and clean.

Not like humans

It is important to note that cat tears are not the same as human tears. Human tears are mostly water, while cat tears contain proteins, enzymes, and mucus.


While cats don't cry tears in the same way that humans do, they can produce tears for a variety of reasons.

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