Can Cats Swim?

Most cats

Most cats can swim, but they may not be very good at it. Cats have a natural instinct to paddle and float, and they can usually keep their heads above water.

Afraid of water

Some cats are afraid of water and will avoid it at all costs. If your cat is afraid of water, it's important to respect their boundaries and not force them to swim.


Start by introducing your cat to shallow water and let them explore at their own pace. Once they're comfortable in shallow water, you can gradually introduce them to deeper.

What to do

If your cat falls into water, don't panic. Stay calm and act quickly. The first thing you should do is assess the situation and determine if your cat is in danger.


If your cat is in a safe area and can swim to shore, you can simply reach for them and help them out of the water.

Flotation device

If your cat is struggling to swim or is in a dangerous area, you can throw them a flotation device, such as a life jacket or a pool noodle.


If you cannot reach your cat or if they are in a dangerous area, call for help immediately. A lifeguard or other trained professional will be able to help.

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