Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

Cooked eggs

Raw eggs can contain harmful bacteria, such as salmonella. It is best to cook eggs thoroughly before feeding them to your dog.


Eggshells can be a choking hazard for dogs. It is best to remove the eggshells before feeding your dog eggs.

Don't overfeed 

Eggs are a good source of protein, but they should not be the only thing your dog eats.

Be careful

When cooking eggs, it is important to avoid using too much fat. Too much fat can cause weight gain and pancreatitis in dogs.


Some dogs may be allergic to eggs. If you are not sure whether your dog is allergic to eggs, it is best to avoid feeding them eggs.


If you have any concerns about feeding eggs to your dog, it is always best to talk to your veterinarian.


With a few precautions, eggs can be a healthy and nutritious treat for your dog. So go ahead and enjoy!

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